Power Banks Available in Shopee Philippines


Power banks are a lifesaver for keeping your devices charged on the go. With so many options, it’s tough to pick the right one. This guide will answer common questions and help you choose the best power bank for your needs.

Common Questions and Concerns

What capacity do I need?

  • Depends on your device and usage.
  • For a smartphone, 10,000mAh is a good start.

How fast can it charge?

  • Look for power banks with fast charging capabilities (15W or more).

Are built-in cables better?

  • Built-in cables are convenient but may limit compatibility.

What about size and weight?

  • Smaller power banks are more portable but may have less capacity.

Is it safe to use?

  • Ensure the power bank has safety features like overcharge protection.

Top Power Banks on Shopee

1. Magnetic Power Bank 10000mAh

  • Price: ₱459
  • Sales: 10.1K
  • Shop: 992mdb8tve
  • Link: Buy Here

Why It’s Great:

  • 15W fast charging.
  • Wireless magnetic feature for ease.

2. Orashare OH10 Power Bank

  • Price: ₱489
  • Sales: 38K
  • Shop: Orashare Official Store
  • Link: Buy Here

Why It’s Great:

  • Slim and portable.
  • Built-in cable, 15W fast charging.

3. KC12 Powerbank

  • Price: ₱119
  • Sales: 45.2K
  • Link: Buy Here

Why It’s Great:

  • Affordable.
  • LED display and flashlight feature.

4. Romoss KC15 / KC12 Powerbank

  • Price: ₱119
  • Sales: 19.6K
  • Link: Buy Here

Why It’s Great:

  • High capacity (20,000mAh).
  • Fast charging and emergency light.

5. 2024 Pro Original PowerBank

  • Price: ₱457
  • Sales: 3.1K
  • Shop: B-Italia
  • Link: Buy Here

Why It’s Great:

  • 30,000mAh capacity.
  • Fast charging (66W).

Choosing the Right Power Bank


  • 10,000mAh: Good for daily use.
  • 20,000mAh: Suitable for multiple devices or longer trips.
  • 30,000mAh: Ideal for heavy users or travel.

Charging Speed

  • Standard Charging: 5W-10W, suitable for overnight charging.
  • Fast Charging: 15W or more, best for quick top-ups.


  • Smaller power banks are easier to carry.
  • Larger ones offer more power but are bulkier.

Safety Features

  • Look for overcharge, short-circuit, and overheating protection.
  • Brands with good reviews tend to offer better safety standards.

Personal Story

Last summer, I took a road trip and my power bank was my best friend. I used the Romoss KC15, which kept my phone charged for GPS and music. Its fast charging feature saved me multiple times when I needed a quick boost.

Choosing the right power bank depends on your needs and lifestyle. Whether you need something portable or a high-capacity beast, there’s an option for everyone.

Final Tips

  • Always check customer reviews before buying.
  • Compare prices and features.
  • Consider the power bank’s build quality and warranty.

Stay charged and connected with the best power bank for your needs!

Happy shopping and stay powered up!

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