Nutribullet Blender Review


The 600W Extractor Blender 12-Piece Set is a versatile and efficient kitchen tool, suitable for a variety of blending tasks. Known for its power and simplicity, the blender is ideal for making smoothies, dips, and more. However, it may not be the best choice for crushing ice or handling hot ingredients.

Performance and Usability

This blender is praised for its ability to produce smooth, well-blended drinks with ease. Users can quickly assemble the device and it operates with a single blending speed, simplifying the process. For a quick smoothie or batch of hummus, it can be highly effective, especially with its inclusion of different-sized cups and a sealable lid for on-the-go convenience.

Design and Maintenance

The design is compact, making it easy to store or leave out on a countertop without taking up much space. Cleaning is straightforward, as the cups are dishwasher safe, although care is recommended for the base and rubber seals to ensure longevity and hygiene.


One of the main limitations of this model is its difficulty with crushing ice, making it less suitable for those who enjoy icy drinks or need crushed ice for recipes. It is also not designed for blending hot ingredients, which could lead to damage or safety hazards.

Durability and Customer Satisfaction

The 600W Extractor Blender generally receives positive reviews for its durability. Users have reported satisfaction with its performance over several years, suggesting it offers good value for money. Nonetheless, some have noted it can struggle with very hard ingredients or very cold items like ice.

Why You Should Consider Buying It

  • Efficiency: It blends smoothies and makes dips with ease.
  • Convenience: Easy setup, use, and cleaning with dishwasher-safe parts.
  • Compact Design: Suitable for small kitchens or minimal storage space.
  • Durability: Reliable performance that can meet daily needs for years.
  • Versatility: Despite some limitations, it handles a wide range of soft and fibrous ingredients well.

For those interested in a straightforward, efficient blender primarily for soft ingredients and smoothies, the 600W Extractor Blender 12-Piece Set is an excellent choice. Its limitations with ice and hot ingredients are worth considering based on your typical usage, but its performance in other areas generally compensates for these drawbacks.

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