Steps to sign up for Shopee affiliate program


To sign up for the Shopee affiliate program, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Shopee Affiliate Program Page

2. Click on 'Join Now' or 'Sign Up'

  • Locate and click the 'Join Now' or 'Sign Up' button on the affiliate program page.

3. Create an Account

  • If you don't already have a Shopee account, you will need to create one. Fill in the required details such as your email address, password, and other personal information.

4. Fill Out the Affiliate Application Form

  • Complete the affiliate application form with accurate details. This form typically requires:
  • Personal information (name, email, contact number)
  • Your website or social media channel details
  • A brief description of how you plan to promote Shopee products

5. Submit Your Application

  • Review your application to ensure all information is correct, then submit it for review.

6. Wait for Approval

  • Shopee will review your application, which may take a few days. They may contact you for additional information or clarification.

7. Access Your Affiliate Dashboard

  • Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to access your affiliate dashboard.

8. Generate Affiliate Links

  • Log in to your affiliate dashboard. Here, you can generate affiliate links for the products you want to promote.

9. Start Promoting

  • Share your affiliate links on your website, blog, social media, or other platforms to start earning commissions.

10. Track Your Performance

  • Use the affiliate dashboard to track your performance, earnings, and other important metrics.

Tips for Successful Application

  • Provide Clear Information: Ensure your application form is filled out clearly and completely.
  • Demonstrate Your Marketing Plan: Clearly outline how you plan to promote Shopee products.
  • Use a Professional Website or Social Media: Having a well-designed, professional site or social media presence increases your chances of approval.

By following these steps, you can successfully sign up for the Shopee affiliate program and start earning commissions by promoting Shopee products.