My Personal Selection of Ladies’ Shoes on Shopee


Shopping for shoes online can be overwhelming, but Shopee offers a wide variety to suit every style and preference. Here are my top picks for ladies' shoes on Shopee, blending comfort and style perfectly.

1. Apollo 4095 MARIKINA MADE Ladies Wedge Sandals Off White - ₱489

Ladies Shoes

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For height without compromising comfort, the Apollo 4095 Marikina Made Ladies Wedge Sandals are a must. Handcrafted in Marikina, these sandals feature a timeless off-white color, versatile enough for any outfit. With over 5.8K sales, they are a hit among shoppers. I wore these wedges to a beach wedding, and they were comfortable all day long.

Customer Review: "These sandals are incredibly comfortable and stylish. Perfect for long days on my feet." - Maria S.

2. Easy Soft CARLY Ladies Waterproof Shoes - ₱599

Ladies Shoes

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Rain or shine, the Easy Soft CARLY Ladies Waterproof Shoes are perfect for unpredictable weather. These shoes keep your feet dry without sacrificing style. They’re a practical choice with over 2.1K sales. I wore these during a rainy day out in the city, and they kept my feet dry and comfortable.

Customer Review: "Great shoes for rainy days. They are stylish and keep my feet dry." - Anne K.

3. Zaxy New Pop Flower Fem Black - Comfortable Ballerinas for Ladies - ₱999

Ladies Shoes

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For those who prioritize comfort and fashion, Zaxy New Pop Flower Fem Ballerinas are ideal. These black ballerinas are versatile and provide all-day comfort. With 29 sales, they are an underrated gem. I love pairing these with casual dresses or jeans for a relaxed look.

Customer Review: "Super comfortable and cute! Perfect for casual outings." - Jen R.

4. ShoeFit Ladies British Style Campus Series Casual Leather Shoes - ₱128

Ladies Shoes

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These British-style campus shoes blend classic fashion with a modern twist. Ideal for office wear or student ensembles, they are stylish and budget-friendly with 803 sales. I wore these to a formal event, and they complemented my outfit beautifully.

Customer Review: "Classy and comfortable. A great addition to my wardrobe." - Lisa T.

5. Melissa Soft Ballerina Comfortable Flats for Ladies Black - ₱3,995

Ladies Shoes

At the higher end of the spectrum, we have the Melissa Soft Ballerina Flats. These flats redefine luxury with their plush comfort and elegant design. Ideal for ladies who are after a premium feel, these shoes have been chosen by 19 discerning shoppers who appreciate their quality.

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Style Tips and Usage Scenarios

  • Wedge Sandals: Perfect for summer outings, beach events, or casual gatherings.
  • Waterproof Shoes: Ideal for rainy days, outdoor activities, and city tours.
  • Ballerinas: Great for casual wear, shopping trips, or relaxed social events.
  • British Style Shoes: Suitable for office wear, formal events, and student life.

Pros and Cons

Wedge Sandals:

  • Pros: Stylish, comfortable, versatile.
  • Cons: May not be suitable for very formal occasions.

Waterproof Shoes:

  • Pros: Waterproof, practical, affordable.
  • Cons: Limited color options.


  • Pros: Comfortable, versatile, stylish.
  • Cons: Limited arch support.

British Style Shoes:

  • Pros: Classy, affordable, comfortable.
  • Cons: Limited color variety.

Outfit Pairings and Occasions

  • Wedge Sandals: Pair with sundresses or shorts for beach outings.
  • Waterproof Shoes: Wear with jeans or leggings for a casual rainy day look.
  • Ballerinas: Combine with jeans or casual dresses for a relaxed day out.
  • British Style Shoes: Match with skirts or trousers for a formal event.

Each of these picks has been chosen for their unique blend of style, comfort, and value for money. So, whether you're a professional on the go, a student on campus, or simply someone who enjoys the blend of style and comfort, these selections from Shopee are worth sliding your feet into. Happy shoe shopping!