Best Perfumes for Women Based on Shopee Top Sales with Five-Star Ratings


Perfume complements one's personality and style. Here are the best perfumes for women, listed according to bestsellers and five-star ratings on Shopee:

1. SCANDAL Perfume for Women

This is a bold fragrance with blood orange, gardenia, honey, and patchouli—an ideal fragrance for confident women.

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"SCANDAL," Jean Paul Gaultier's audacious fragrance, comes alive in its chic bottle, embodying the modern, active woman. The first one is an elegant fragrance with audacity, suitable for evening allure and nighttime intrigue.

Scent Profile

Top Notes: It feels fresh with a sweet atmosphere, and the fragrance opens with blood orange and gardenia, instantly creating a mesmerizing charm.

Middle Notes: It's truly the heart of the fragrance when a rich, deep endurance arises, brought on by honey's gift of sweetening the deal.

The base notes include patchouli, which creates an earthy finish, grounding the initial sweetness and providing longevity in the fragrance.

Ideal For

SCANDAL is perfect for a woman who wants to be noticed. It fits special occasions and when someone wants to be assertive in everyday wear, thanks to its lasting power and bold profile.

2. Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT

A romantic floral blend with Sicilian mandarin, peony, Damask rose, and white musk. Perfect for day wear and elegant occasions.

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The "Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet" is a delicate floral homage to love and romance; it is housed in a graceful bottle—a testimony to the craftsmanship in perfumery of the Diors and a timeless, elegant fragrance.

Aroma Description

Top notes: Sicilian mandarin, which at the beginning is both zestful and bright, gives an instantaneously refreshing opening.

Middle Notes: Peony and Damask rose combine harmoniously to compose a soft, romantic heart of florals.

Base notes: White musk, clean and powdery, placing more emphasis on the floral notes and giving better longevity to the fragrance.

Ideal For

This fragrance would be great for the romantic at heart. Soft floral notes are perfect for day wear, a springtime outing, or when one just wants to add elegance to the occasion.

3. Le Labo Santal 33 Eau De Parfum

A unisex fragrance with cardamom, iris, violet accord, ambrox, sandalwood, and cedarwood. Ideal for avant-g.

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Santal 33 by Le Labo seems to be on its way to becoming a cult brand. It makes itself easily recognizable through its leitmotiv of androgynous, wild, and hypnotic notes and is created for all people who dare to wear a fragrance that breaks from the codes of the genre.

Smell Profile

Top: Spicy, cardamom and iris; floral, it lets in a beginning.

Middle: Violet accord and ambrox add a powdery and almost raw texture to the scent.

Base Notes: The warm, woody base is forged from sandalwood and cedarwood notes. Ideal For

Santal 33 is apt for the avant-garde woman who is daringly unique. It is ideal for every occasion, affording perfect instances to be impressive in specific settings.

 4. Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia EDP

A fresh, fruity-floral scent with King William pear, freesia, rose, patchouli, and white musk. Great for everyday elegance.

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Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia is a lively, fruity-floral fragrance recognized for its light, clean, and breezy notes—one for everyday elegance.

Scent Profile

Top Notes: King William Pear is an unusually fresh and very crispy beginning.

Middle Notes: Freesia and rose—providing a soft, flowery heart that is fresh and gentle.

Base notes: patchouli and white musk holding the fruits and flowers, grounding them in subtle warmth and depth.

Ideal For

This fragrance would be great for people who enjoy wearing those mild yet different fragrances. It is also perfect for office wear or sunny days out.

5. Prescripto Perfume Women RX88 (60ml)

It makes an affordable experience of luxury with top fruity notes, a bouquet of heart floral notes, and enriched by a base of tender and gentle notes. Ideal for daily wear.

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Prescription Perfume RX88 comes in packaging that is inexpensive yet very sophisticated, and its fragrance is unique and captivating with femininity and allure.

Flavor Profile

Top Notes: A luminous accord of fruity notes makes for an energy-inducing opening.

Middle notes: Floral heart notes create a tender, bewitching middle.

Base Notes: The base notes are deep and rich, so they have staying power.

RX88 is ideal for everyday use: a bright yet affable scent that transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Each of these perfumes is unique in its own right and fits different personalities and events. Whether you are looking for something bold and daring or something subtle and refined, these top-notch selections on Shopee assure quality and satisfaction, marking the very top of the best perfumes for women today.


What would be the olfactory description of Prescripto RX88? These top bright, fruity notes will open it up as deep and rich base notes linger in a soft floral heart, forming an exquisite, long-lasting fragrance.

Why is SCANDAL by Jean Paul Gaultier so famous? SCANDAL has its reputation for bold, fierce scent characteristics and, by default, a good match for a certain confident woman willing to set a statement.

Which is the best perfume for a romantic occasion? Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is perfect for such an occasion: it radiates with a subtle bouquet of floral notes and shapes an elegant finish.

What makes Le Labo Santal 33 unique? It is androgynous and possesses an addictive profile of scents with cardamom and iris notes, among others.

Does Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia wear well every day? Indeed, the fresh and airy notes make it ideal for everyday elegance, from office wear to casual outings.

Where can these perfumes be bought? All these top-rated perfumes are available on Shopee.