Beaded Bags in the Philippines


Beaded bags are a fusion of art and fashion. Each bag is a little different as they come in different designs from plain to patterned and are handmade by us. They are known for their lovely patterns and how they instantly make any outfit look put together.

Common Questions and Concerns

What are beaded bags made of?
Beaded bags are generally bags made with beads sown on a concentration, fabric base. One can find commonly used crystal beads, glass beads, cheap plastic beads, and sometimes fine pearls.

Are beaded bags durable?
Yes, but it depends on the quality of beads and stitching. Unlike the cheap plastic beaded bags that fall apart a lot quicker, a high-quality beaded bag can last years.

How do I clean a beaded bag?
Wipe it down gently with a damp cloth. A mild soap solution is best and you should not soak the bag.

Where to buy beaded bags Philippines
Shopee is just one of the many online platforms where you can shop for beaded bags. Here are some from Shopee:

Item NamePriceShop Name
Beaded Clutch Purse₱
Fashion Bags Handbag₱
Imitation Pearl Beaded Bag₱
Summer Sling Bags₱1,049Inarté Studios
Pool Party Collection₱1,699Inarté Studios

Choosing the Right Beaded Bag
Here are some thinks to keep in mind while selecting a beaded bag.

  • Occasion: Do simple design for daily wear and more elaborate design for special events.
  • Size: Make sure the bag is large enough to accommodate your essentials.
  • Colour: look for color that can match most of your outfit.

Styling Tips

  • Day to Day: wear a beaded sling bag with a summer dress and your favorite pair of sandals.
  • Dressy Evening Wear: Evening wear gets a touch of formality with a beaded clutch.
  • Boho Look: Mix and match a beaded handbag with a long flowy gown and layered jewelry.

Maintaining Your Beaded Bag

  • Storage: Store beaded bags in a dust bag to avoid scratches.
  • Clean up- No chemical to clean It assumed only a soft swipe would be needed.
  • Loose beads repair: use a strong thread and needle to secure them

My very first beaded bag was from a local market in Manila. The intricate bead dead clutch was a stunner. I practically wore it to a family wedding with a banarc I took the compliments as validation that the bag was indeed a statement. This was followed by a collection of stories, all with their own beaded bag.

We'd love to hear from you! So, tell me, your favorite type of beaded bags? Drop your view in the comment & Share it through your social profiles.

Beaded bags are nothing short of art. With the right bag and proper care, one lasts a lifetime. Happy shopping