Support Dahyun in ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’ Adaptation – Buy Merch on Shopee!


Fans of K-pop and film are buzzing with excitement as news breaks that Dahyun, the talented member of the global K-pop phenomenon Twice, is in talks to lead the Korean adaptation of the beloved Taiwanese romance film "You Are the Apple of My Eye." This potential new role could mark a significant milestone in Dahyun's career, showcasing her versatility beyond music. To celebrate, fans can now grab exclusive Dahyun-themed merchandise, including a stylish oversized vintage shirt and a collectible photocard set from the "Summer Nights" album era, available on Shopee.

Dahyun's Potential New Role

Dahyun has captured hearts worldwide with her charismatic presence and outstanding performances with Twice. Her possible involvement in "You Are the Apple of My Eye," a story that delicately portrays first love and the trials of adolescence, offers her a fantastic opportunity to expand her artistic expression into acting. The film, which will explore nostalgia and youthful emotions, seems like the perfect match for Dahyun’s vibrant personality.

Exclusive Dahyun Merchandise to Support Her Film Journey

As the Twice star prepares to possibly step into this new acting role, fans can show their support and excitement by sporting exclusive Dahyun merchandise. Here's what's available for the dedicated Once:

Dahyun Vintage Oversized Shirt: This stylish, bootleg vintage oversized shirt features a unique design that captures Dahyun's spirit and style. It’s perfect for casual outings or Twice fan gatherings.

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Dahyun "Summer Nights" Album Photocard Set: For collectors and fans alike, this set of photocards from Twice's "Summer Nights" album era featuring Dahyun is a treasure. Each card captures a moment from the era, making it a precious keepsake for any fan.

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Dahyun's potential venture into the film industry with "You Are the Apple of My Eye" represents a thrilling development in her career. As fans eagerly await confirmation and further details, supporting Dahyun through these exclusive merchandise offerings is a fantastic way to stay connected and show enthusiasm for her new endeavors. Whether you’re adding a chic oversized shirt to your wardrobe or securing a set of cherished photocards, your support helps fuel Dahyun’s journey from K-pop idol to budding film star.


TWICE's Dahyun In Talks For Korean Adaptation Of Taiwanese Romance Film “You Are The Apple Of My Eye”